Thursday, November 29, 2018

PUBG Official PS4 Release Date: Game Rumoured To Hit Consoles On December 7

PUBG’s release date on Sony PS4 could now very well be a reality as the game is said to be officially seeded to gamers owning Sony PS4 consoles. This should offer PS4 users lots to cheer about as up till recently there had only been rumors regarding the launch of PUBG to PS4.

Now, as per an Inquisitr report, that in turn quotes IGN, the game would be released to Sony PS4 owners coinciding with the holiday season. Also, a Verge report states that the game would seed to PS4 starting December 7. The editions of the game would have different price tags; starting from $30.

In the US, the game is up for pre-orders. Now, reports regarding the official date are important considering the fact that Vikendi snow maps for PUBG surfaced via a YouTube game tipster. The Vikendi map is also expected (by gamers to be seeded to PUBG gamers during the PS4 launch of the game.) Also, there could be multiple optimizations to the game in the form of newer enhancements.

In related developments, PUBG snow map incorporates details such as a rocket and a monitoring control unit, along with radars. This control center is also seemingly vandalized and deserted (as seen in the tipster’s YouTube video). For gamers on other platforms, a new update is now live and brings enhancements such as M762 Automatic Rifle, Season 4 Royale Pass, and new in-game chat interface.

Finally, with respect to new hardware, there are increased anticipations about Sony releasing the next-gen PS5 in 2020 preceded by a showcase in mid-2019 during its PlayStation X (PSX) event. 

A new Xbox One iteration is also estimated to see the light of the day in 2019. Hence, gaming could be all the more intuitive from 2020. Gamers could keep their eyes and ears open. Do let us know as and when you get opportunities to lay your hands on PUBG for PS4. Check out the Vikendi Snow Map as well.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission rated in Australia

Card-based Dragon Ball game seemingly headed westward.

The Australian Classification Board has rated Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission.

The Switch title has currently only been confirmed for release in Japan in 2019. The Australian rating suggests Bandai Namco is planning to release the game worldwide.

It should be noted that while the title is rated as “Multi-Platform,” that does not necessarily mean the game will be released on other platforms. The Switch-only Namco Arcade PAC, for example, is also rated as “Multi-Platform.”

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission will feature card-based battles with a maximum of seven cards per player. Approximately 1,160 cards from the Super Dragon Ball Heroes arcade games are included, as well as about 350 characters.

Watch the teaser trailer

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Destiny 2: Where to Get Each Nightfall Exclusive Reward

By Derek Nichols

The first year of Destiny 2 wasn’t always the smoothest ride for players, with an overbearing microtransaction system, a relative lack of communication from Bungie to its players, and some design choices that left many scratching their heads.

Thankfully, many of these problems that held the game down and casted a gloomy outlook on its future have been rectified through various updates, player feedback sessions at the studio, and the acclaimed Forsaken expansion that arrived last month.

In an effort to make Destiny 2 feel more rewarding to players, Bungie added in exclusive loot to Nightfall strikes, something that was also done through a key and treasure system in the first game. 

Unlike that previous system, these Nightfall exclusive drops are purely based on the game’s RNG system, though a higher overall score at the end does increase the potential drop rate of each item. While the new feature started off slowly by offering things like sparrows and ghost shells, the rewards have improved considerably thanks to new weapons like the D.F.A.

Here’s a complete list of each Nightfall strike and its exclusive reward.

The Inverted Spire – Trichromatica

Trichromatica is an exotic Ghost shell that features a glowing light around it and has been at the center of many player disappointments.

Pyramidion – Silicon Neuroma

This kinetic sniper rifle features very high impact and range stats, though its possible perks may not compare to some of the other sniper rifles now available in the game.

Savathun’s Song – Duty Bound

This kinetic auto rifle features higher than average handling and reloads speed. It can also come with ricochet rounds, which makes it similar to the exotic auto rifle Hard Light.

Lake of Shadows – The Militia’s Birthright

Formerly a PS4 exclusive strike, Lake of Shadows has been in the spotlight a bit more thanks to its interesting exclusive loot item. The Militia’s Birthright is a kinetic grenade launcher that players equip in their primary weapon slot. This means that players could run interesting loadouts such as 3 grenade launchers equipped at the same time.

Exodus Crash – Impact Velocity

For all of the trouble that this strike has had over the past few months, the reward doesn’t quite match the effort. Impact Velocity is an exotic sparrow that doesn’t have a unique look to it like some of the new Eververse sparrows.

The Arms Dealer – Tilt Fuse

This is another strike featuring an exotic sparrow.

Curse of Osiris StrikesWarmind Strikes

The Insight Terminus – The Long Goodbye

The Long Goodbye is an energy sniper rifle that can shoot 50 rounds per minute and has a ton of potential perks that can spawn on a drop. 

A Garden World – Universal Wavefunction

Compared to some of the other items on this list, the Universal Wavefunction leaves a lot to be desired as it’s an exotic ship which could come with a Vex Arrival transmat effect.

Tree of Probabilities – D.F.A.

One of the more sought after Nightfall items is the legendary hand cannon D.F.A. It’s a weapon with strong stats and above average impact.

Warmind Strikes

The Insight Terminus – The Long Goodbye

The Long Goodbye is an energy sniper rifle that can shoot 50 rounds per minute and has a ton of potential perks that can spawn on a drop. 

Strange Terrain – Braytech Osprey

A very popular and rare legendary rocket launcher, the Braytech Osprey features a nearly maxed out blast radius stat as well as the cluster bomb perk which makes this weapon very deadly.

Will of the Thousands – Worm God Incarnation

The fight against the Hive worm god Xol, unfortunately, doesn’t have the same epic reward for completing this Nightfall. Worm God Incarnation is a legendary transmat effect that can be applied to the player’s ship.

Forsaken Strikes

The Corrupted – Horror’s Least

A solid energy pulse rifle, Horror’s Least can’t quite compete with Bygones or Go Figure, but with a strong array of possible mods, it’s a solid option for both PvP and PvE.

Warden of Nothing – Warden’s Law

A hard-hitting kinetic hand cannon, Warden’s Law may not be able to keep up with the likes of Not Forgotten, Luna’s Howl, and Ace of Spades, but with a large pool of mods that can spawn as well as high impact, it’s a weapon that can hold its own.

The Hollowed Lair – Mindbender’s Ambition

Named after the interesting Scorn Baron Hiraks The Mindbender, this energy shotgun has been appearing more and more in the Crucible thanks to its aggressive frame and huge impact.

As previously mentioned, scoring thresholds increase the likelihood of the gear dropping upon completion with the percentage moving up beyond 30K, 60K, 100K, and 200K. Surpassing 100K on a Nightfall and wearing its emblem will cast an aura over the player.

Players can also modify the Nightfall for that week by purchasing a Five of Swords consumable from Xur, the exotic merchant that appears over the weekend. These challenge cards let players increase the difficulty by adding modifiers like increasing elemental damage from all sources in exchange for more rewards. Many players run Solar Singe for the bonus damage it provides on powerful weapons like the Sleeper Simulant and Whisper of the Worm.

While there’s no guaranteed way to get a Nightfall reward to drop on the first try, players can continue to run Nightfalls as much as they want during that week, before they’re reset each Tuesday. With random rolls for weapons and gear enabled, many players are rediscovering the fun of running strikes over and over to try and find that perfect god roll drop. With three Nightfalls available every week now, the opportunity to get these exclusive rewards has never been higher.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Fortnite: Patch 6.30 to introduce Balloons and new gifting feature

Defy gravity with this new item that is going to hit the game in the next update.

With only a few days remaining before the Fortnitemares, Halloween event is over, Epic Games is preparing to bring awesome new content to "Fortnite" for the second half of season 6. This time, it's a new item called "Balloons." Although we already knew that this new item existed in the game, thanks to data miners, but the mechanics of balloons were not known until now.

The Balloons

Today, "Fortnite's" in-game news gave us the first look at the balloons along with the following description: “Inflate balloons to defy gravity! Add balloons to increase your altitude!”

At this point, more control over your character's mobility in "Fortnite" gives you an edge while playing competitively and gets you out of tight situations as well, and Epic Games isn't backing out from adding more and more mobility items and terrains i.e.

Rift-To-Go, Grappler, Shadow Stones, Launch Pads in Corrupted areas etc. As the description hints, the balloons are also mobility items, but we still don't know if they are stacked consumable items like the Grappler or one-time use item like the Shadow Stones.

It's also possible that the balloons will let players float in the air until they are burst by enemy fire, potentially inflicting fall damage to the players, although, with the new glider re-deploy feature, fall damage isn't of much concern anymore.

Patch 6.30

The new patch is going to be released in the next couple of days, although there is no official news about the server downtime. The new balloons item is also expected to be added during the next update, but a recent post on "Fortnite's" official social media accounts suggest that the next update will mostly consist of removing bugs that players have encountered during the game.

There was also some issue with the Zoey outfit, which was disabled because it failed to render during the game, thus making players invisible and giving them an unfair advantage.

New gifting feature

The next update might also release a new gifting feature which will let players gift in-game items like skins, gliders, back blings etc, but there's no word about this new feature from Epic Games. This new feature was found by a data miner called Jaren and there are four kinds of gift boxes.

The new leaks show that there are four styles of boxes with different rarity. Some players thought that the images were from "Fortnite's" Save The World mode, but a closer look at the image shows that it's the Fortnitemares menu in the background, so we can definitely expect this new feature in the next update.

Google's Halloween game is basically and it's spooky multiplayer fun

By Connor Sheridan 

Play Google's Halloween Doodle and steal spirits from your friends or strangers

Google's popped games into the "doodle" slot of its homepage before, but the new Halloween-themed treat you can play right now is easily the most fun diversion devised by the search/tech/ads/everything giant yet. That's right, I said it: I don't think Pac-Man is all that fun even if you're playing on the streets of your hometown. But I digress.

The new Google Doodle game is called The Great Ghoul Duel, and it's an online multiplayer game about a bunch of ghosts floating around and stealing souls from each other. You can play on a desktop or mobile device by heading to and clicking or tapping the colorful icon near the top of the page.

It's quite fully featured, with automatic matchmaking, private lobbies so you can play with friends, bots to fill in empty player slots, and multiple maps.

Also, the ghosts are cute as haunted buttons.

Playing the Great Ghoul Duel feels like a cross between and Capture the Flag: your ghostly duty is to roam around the map and collect little glowing Spirit Flames. Collected flames follow along behind you in a glowing trail, and if you pass through a member of the opposing team's trail you'll steal flames from behind the point you touched.

You also get a few for passing through a teammate. Whichever team banks the most flames by depositing them back at their base after two minutes wins; bank enough at once and you'll even get handy power-ups like magnetism or wall-clipping.

Let me tell you if you ever want to feel good about your ability to play video games, just compete against a bunch of people who probably don't play many video games. Sorry not sorry for taking all your spirits, green team. I needed that "Polter-Heist" award.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Fallout 76 system requirements announced by Bethesda

By Samuel Roberts 

At last, ahead of the beta, here are Fallout 76's system requirements.

Fallout 76's system requirements have been announced by Bethesda ahead of next week's beta on PC. Today, the publisher added them to the game's FAQ page, but rather than scrolling through all of that, we've captured them for you right here.


Requires 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit OS required)
Processor: Intel Core i5-6600k 3.5 GHz/AMD Ryzen 3 1300X 3.5 GHz or equivalent
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 780 3GB/AMD Radeon R9 285 2GB or equivalent
Memory: 8GB RAM
Storage: 60GB of free disk space


Requires 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7/8.1/10
Processor: Intel Core i7-4790 3.6 GHz/AMD Ryzen 5 1500X 3.5 GHz
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 970 4GB/AMD R9 290X 4GB
Memory: 8GB RAM
Storage: 60GB of free disk space

It's probably no surprise that the system requirements for Fallout 76 are slightly more demanding than Fallout 4 was. Indeed, the minimum specs here are roughly similar to the recommended specs for 2015's 3D Fallout game.


The beta begins next week on PC, but we've been playing the Xbox One early beta, and Chris wrote a little bit about his adventures hunting down outlaws here. I, meanwhile, climbed up to a bridge and played the banjo, then went to bed, because the beta started at the slightly ludicrous time of midnight in the UK. 

Look out for further fun pieces about the game over the coming weeks. 

Correction: we previously listed the minimum spec Intel processor as an Intel Core i7 4790 3.6 GHz. This has since been updated to an Intel Core i5-6600k 3.5 GHz.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

FIFA 19 Ultimate Team coins: how to easily make millions using Bronze and Silver packs

By Ben Wilson 

Our step-by-step FIFA 19 Ultimate Team guide will eventually buy you any player in the game

It’s never been more on-trend to criticize FIFA 19 Ultimate Team for being pay-to-win. It’s also incorrect. Sure, you can fast-track your way to elite players by spending real cash. But making coins without dropping a single dollar/pound/Euro is, in fact, easier than ever. 

In FIFA 17, I scored 12 million coins after an initial investment of £15. In FIFA 18, that number rose to 21 million coins – in addition to high-rated squads from the Premier League, Serie A, an incredible icons team, and more. The key to doing so is a series of mini-games called Squad Building Challenges - or SBCs as they’re known among the community. Read on to understand why, and get minted in FIFA 19.

Never buy gold packs

Before we get to SBCs and the finer details, there’s one critical piece of advice to heed above all others. Never, ever, ever buy Gold packs Seriously. N.E.V.E.R. 

Because so many Gold packs are opened across the globe, at all hours of the day, every day, the market is constantly saturated with Gold cards, making most of them close-to-worthless on the secondary market. Spend 7,500 coins on a premium Gold pack and you’ll be lucky to recoup half that amount. 

Whereas Bronze and Silver packs guarantee you profit over the long-haul, thanks to SBCs. And you’ll earn plenty of Gold packs anyway through completing SBCs, weekly tasks, Squad Battles rewards, and so on.

Using my method will, over time, enable you to cherry pick any player you want. It’s about playing the long game, rather than instant gratification. I ended FIFA 18 with Cristiano Ronaldo, old school Ronaldo, Ruud Gullit, Neymar, Lionel Messi, every other meta player going and those 22 million coins. Now we’ll get onto how you can too.

Sell cards when at their most valuable

SBCs see you submitting teams according to specific requirements in order to earn rewards. This, rather than spending coins, should form your path to Gold packs. Every Thursday evening, for instance, four Marquee Matchups are made live within the SBC framework.

Hundreds of thousands of FIFA addicts then hit the transfer market, seeking out the cards necessary to complete these Marquee Matchups SBCs. But if you already have these cards stashed in your club, you can complete said challenges for literally nothing, then make monster profits by selling your extra stock. 

Essentially, every player card in the game will have value at some point of the year. You should therefore only sell any player card when its value is maximized. 

Every Thursday evening – or as soon as possible afterward – check the Marquee Matchups requirements, then list all players you have that match those requirements. Think beyond the clubs involved, too, and read the requirements carefully. 

One recent matchup was based on Rio Ave vs Boavista and required at least three Liga NOS players to complete. That caused all cards across the league to rise in value for a week. If you had, say, 20 silver Liga NOS center backs in your club you’d have been looking at a minimum of 700 coins per sale, to a total of at least 14,000. And many were going for much more than that.

Below this method is explained in further detail, and it essentially comes down to this: only ever buy Bronze packs, Silver packs, and discard in-forms, and enjoy the rewards that follow.

Only buy Bronze and Silver packs

Never Gold. Yes, I’m repeating myself again but it’s honestly critical. When you do buy Silver or Bronze packs, it's safest to go for the standard versions: 2,500 coins for Silver, 400 for Bronze. I’ll get to what you need to do with these shortly. 

If you're feeling especially flush you can gamble on the premium versions of these packs: 3,750 for Silver, 750 for Bronze. These carry a much higher risk but also a higher reward: you're paying the extra money for two additional 'rare' cards. If those rare cards are players, you'll make even bigger profits; if they're kits or badges, you'll take a small hit. As a rule, I switch to buying premium packs when I have 100,000 or more in the bank, then back to standard packs if my cash reserves dip below that value.

Decide if you’re going to do the league SBCs

The following leagues have a set of individual Squad Building Challenges, whereby completing one team you unlock a specific pack, and by completing all the teams you unlock a choice of ratings-boosted player cards. That makes all Silver and Bronze cards from these leagues valuable for the duration of FIFA 19’s lifespan.
  • EFL Championship (ENG 2)
  • Liga Bancomer MX (MEX 1)
  • Pro League (BEL 1)
  • Superliga Argentina (ARG 1)
The below leagues are also certain to have their own SBCs at some point, again making their Silver and Bronze cards valuable from the outset.
  • Premier League (ENG 1)
  • La Liga Santander (SPA 1)
  • Serie A (ITA 1)
  • Bundesliga (GER 1)
  • Ligue 1 (FRA 1)
If you decide to complete any of the above, stash any players from that league in your club when you open packs. Once the respective leagues are live and you have nine-or-more players for any of those teams, buy the last couple of players needed – Futbin is an excellent resource to help you fill in gaps – at the lowest BIN price and get it completed.

That’ll give you a new pack and take you a step towards the overall player reward for that league.

More leagues are certain to be announced throughout the year. I’ll update this advice as and when that happens.

What to do when you open a Silver pack

First, look for players from the confirmed SBC leagues: ENG 2, MEX 1, BEL 1 and ARG 1. If you’re planning to do the SBC for either of the above, send any player cards from that league to your club. If not, immediately place them on the transfer list.

Players from all other leagues should be stashed in your club until a Marquee Matchup, or another new SBC comes up that requires them. Important: Never quick sell any player card.

Send all Duplicate players to the transfer list. 

List Player Fitness cards (+40) for one hour at 150/200. (150 bid price, 200 buy it now.) 

List shiny Squad Fitness cards (+20) for one hour at 400/1000.

Send all Healing (team and player) cards to the transfer list. 

List shiny Manager Contracts cards for one hour at 150/200. 

Send standard Manager Contracts cards to your club. *These are the only Manager Contracts cards I ever use.* 

List standard Player Contracts cards (’10/10/8’) for one hour at 150/200. 

List shiny Player Contracts (’20/24/18’) for one hour at 150/300. 

Place all Kits cards on the transfer list. 

Place all Badges cards on the transfer list.

Place Player Training cards for All Attributes, Shooting, and Pace on the transfer list. 

Quick sell all other Player Training cards unless you wish to use them. 

Quick sell all Goalkeeper Training cards unless you wish to use them. 

Place all Manager cards on the transfer list. 

Unless you want them, quick sell all Balls, Stadiums, and Coaches.

Now go to your transfer list and cycle through all the cards you just moved there. Click ‘compare price’ and if there are a ton of the same card on the market at 150/200, also list at 150/200. 

For cards listed at higher prices than 150/200, take note of the lowest Buy It Now price available, then list yours for a Buy It Now price of 200-300 coins more. Let’s say you’re looking to sell Aaron Wan-Bissaka – a 70-rated silver card, and the most-improved Premier League defender among the FIFA 19 player ratings – and you see that his lowest-priced card on the market costs 1,500 coins.

List yours at a Buy It Now of 1,800, with a start price of 100-200 coins less, so 1,700. The card may not sell at the first attempt. But it should do within 24-48 hours. If at that point it’s still not sold, drop the price by 100 coins.

Always list cards for one hour. The key to this method is keeping your list full, and refreshed, as often as possible.

What to do when you open a Bronze pack

Again, look for players from the confirmed SBC leagues: ENG 2, BEL 1, MEX 1 and ARG 1. If you’re planning to do the SBC for either of the above, send any player cards from that league to your club. If not, immediately place them on the transfer list.

Players from all other leagues should be stashed in your club until a Marquee Matchup comes up that requires them, as discussed earlier. 

Send all Duplicate players to the transfer list. 

List Player Fitness cards (+20) for one hour at 150/200. 

List shiny Squad Fitness cards for one hour at 400/850.

Send all Healing (team and player) cards to the transfer list. 

Send shiny bronze Player Contracts cards (’15/6/3’) to your club. *These are the only Player Contract cards I ever use!*

Quick sell all standard Player Contracts cards, and both shiny and non-shiny Manager Contracts cards. 

Quick sell all Kit cards unless you wish to use them. 

Place Player Training cards marked All Attributes, Shooting, and Pace on the transfer list. 

Quick sell all other Player Training cards unless you wish to use them. 

Quick sell all Goalkeeper Training cards unless you wish to use them. 

Place all Manager cards on the transfer list. 

Unless you want them, quick sell all Balls, Stadiums, Badges, and Coaches. 

Now go to your transfer list and do the same as you did for silver cards on there. Many cards will only go for 150/200, but you only need to sell an average of three per pack to make a profit.

A note about packing in-form (TOTW) cards

If you pack any in-forms using the above methods and have no plans to keep them, DO NOT SELL until at least a fortnight later. While still in packs (from 6pm Wednesday to 5.59pm Wednesday the following week) they have poor resale value as everyone is offloading them at once. 

Invest in discard-price Gold in-form cards

Check your transfer list regularly and 're-list all' as often possible

Once you pass the 50,000 coins mark, I recommended investing in 3-4 TOTW players between Wednesday and Saturday of any given week. To do this, search for ‘Special’ players on the transfer market at a Buy It Now price of 9,400-10,500, then cherry pick any rated 80 or above. (You can *always* resell these players for at least 11,500 coins, sometimes much more – or, if you suddenly need funds, quick sell them to the CPU for around 10K, meaning any losses are tiny.) 

I stash these purchases in my club for 2-3 weeks, then list for at least 13,000-14,000 – sometimes more, depending on comparative prices for the same card.

If any Kits or Managers haven’t sold after you’ve been refreshing for 48 hours, quick sell them. For all other items, consider dropping the Buy It Now price by 50 coins after day one, 100 by day two, and so on. The exception is player cards listed at 150/200: just leave them on the transfer list at that price until they sell. Eventually, they will sell. And, in FIFA terms, you should be rich like Abramovich.