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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Google unveils Project Stream, Play games via Chrome Browser

By Arne Cito

The cat is officially out of the bag. Tech giant Google has finally announced their first major foray into core gaming with the announcement of Project Stream. Previously known only under its codename Yeti, Project Stream is Google’s attempt to stream video games across the web. 

The new streaming service is still pretty much in its infancy and not yet planned for stable release. Google is rather unveiling a major technical stress test to learn about real-world applicability of streaming games.

Announced on Google’s blog, Project Stream will initially offer a single game. Doesn’t sound that impressive but it’s a technical test after all, and once you learn which game Google has chosen for Project Stream, your opinion might change drastically.

We’re not talking about a small-scope, an old or technically less demanding game. Google is flexing its muscles and partnered up with Ubisoft and decided to use Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey for Project Stream.

As Google states, by choosing a cutting-edge AAA blockbuster game, Project Stream will be pushed to extremes, and future expansion of the service with new and taxing titles should not pose any difficulty whatsoever. 

This is pretty neat, as Project Stream aims to provide a high-end gaming experience on a wide array of platforms. For this early stage, Google will be offering Project Stream on the PC but seeing the technical aspects behind game streaming, it’s highly likely that in the future, Google’s game streaming service will become available on mobile platforms and smart TVs.

If all this sounds exciting and you want to be part of a new gaming paradigm, head on over to Project Stream’s website where you can apply for a limited spot for the test. Just make sure your broadband internet connection is up to par with what Google is recommending, so 25 megabits/s. Needless to say, only U.S. residents are eligible.

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