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Thursday, January 31, 2019

World of Warcraft’s Dazar’alor raid race is neck-and-neck

Battle for Azeroth’s latest raid went live last week, and it looks like the race for world first is reaching its final stages. At a time of writing, both EU-based guild Method and US-based Limit have defeated eight of the raid’s nine bosses, with only Jaina Proudmoore left to defeat.

A battle for Dazar’alor is a slightly unusual raid, pitting Alliance and Horde players against the same bosses, but in a different order. That could have confused the world first race slightly, but it would seem that all of the major guilds have tackled the raid in the same order.
The first few bosses went down within minutes. Champion of the Light was slain by Big Dumb Guild within ten minutes, while Wildcard Gaming managed to take down Grong in a little under half an hour. Big Dumb Gaming came in hot with the next kill, but then Limit stepped up.
The guild claimed world first on the next five bosses in a row, leaving only Jaina Proudmoore in their way, but overnight Method has caught up. The UK guild finished off a series of bosses in quick succession, claiming world second for penultimate hurdle Stormwall Blockade. They’re currently streaming their efforts over on Twitch, and their most successful attempt so far saw them drop Jaina to just about 60% health.

It promises to be a close race, and I imagine it’ll wrap up at some point tonight. A limit isn’t streaming, so we can’t know exactly how well they’re doing, but I imagine only Method lies between them and the title.
Watch live video from Method on

The final boss of the Uldir raid took the Method more than a week to complete, with Mythic G’huun only falling after nine days (and a pretty hefty nerf). Final boss Jaina is unlikely to take a full week or more to complete from this point, but EU guilds will have to hope she doesn’t put up too much of a fight if they hope to catch up.

Whether Method will be able to secure its eleventh final boss world first remains to be seen, but I do know that the rest of the race is likely to be entertaining.

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