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Friday, April 5, 2019

'Fortnite': Season 8 Discovery Skin Revealed, Check Out 'Ruin'

Well, this isn't what I was expecting. Yesterday, Epic Games revealed a cryptic teaser with only the words: "Ruin is Coming", seemingly indicating one of the large-scale events that we haven't had all that much information about this season so far. 

Turns out, things were going in a different direction: this is actually the Season 8 challenge skin, which you unlock by completing the Discovery challenge. Usually, we don't see this skin until it shows up in datamines immediately before it's available in-game, but I suppose Epic got tired of revealing it that way and wanted to give people something to work towards. Let's check him out:


He's certainly continuing the fire theme that we started with the Prisoner skin last season, that's for sure. He appears to have a sort of Game of Thrones vibe with his distinctly medieval armor, which isn't all that surprising: Epic likes to tie into major pop culture moments, if even in oblique ways. 

 At first, I was thinking that this could be a kind of Tier-5 of last season's challenge skin, but it appears that Ruin is his own character, though what role he plays in the plot is yet to be determined. It's possible that Ruin will be a progressive skin like Prisoner was, but we have no indication of that so far. He seems like the guy that would sit on the fire throne in the Volcano.

It leaves us still wondering about the major events yet to come. There are still those dig sites popping up all over the map, and Dusty Divot appears poised to fill with lava. And there are still those dragon eggs quietly resting in the volcano. Ruin isn't exactly that far away from a fire dragon motif, and so it's possible he's involved with them as well as a sort of father of dragons.
Traditionally the challenge skin brings about the next season in some way, shape or form: last season, the Prisoner visited a ritual site near Wailing Woods, the implication being that he raised the Volcano up from the earth. We assume Ruin will do the same, but it could still go in a million different directions. Stay tuned.

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