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Thursday, April 25, 2019

PUBG Mobile: 5 weapons that cause maximum damage in a headshot

PUBG Mobile rose to popularity swiftly after its release worldwide. The PlayerUnknown’s Battleground allowed 100 players to fight for survival in a map of their choice. With frequent updates, PUBG Mobile ensured that they bring stronger weapons every time. 
While up against 99 other players, one has to heavily depend on their combat strategy in order to reach the last circle. But the game is not all about the survival of many players. Everyone wants to end the game with a good number of kills and any weapon that causes more damage, is a boon. With practice, one can grow to be a strong player if he knows his way around a particular gun.

Players have their own preferences when it comes to the guns that we can find in the Battleground map. However, there are few weapons which cause maximum damage. Additionally,  it is the players’ ability to hit their enemies with a headshot to register more damage by the end of the game. In fact, PUBG Mobile has a list of Achievements that can you can complete by killing more enemies with a headshot — Sharpshooter being the most common one.
In this article, we have listed five weapons which cause the most amount of damage with a headshot, excluding Shotguns. To maintain consistency, the results reflect the damage caused when there is no helmet. The same effect reciprocates itself irrespective of the different levels of the helmet being worn by your enemies.


One of the most popular Sniper rifles in PUBG Mobile, AWM causes maximum damage via headshot amongst all other weapons. It accounts for a total damage of 300 when used for a headshot. This rifle uses .200 as its ammo and has a range calculated at 100. Needless to say, you can kill your enemies with a single headshot using an AWM.
This rifle can be found in the air drops only when playing in the classic mode. The players can also use Flare Guns to call for a crate that brings an AWM in most of the cases. It supports all types of scope and is best for use in smaller circles, enabling the players to eliminate their enemies without being a part of an ambush. The only downside to this weapon is the restricted availability of the ammo.

Yet another Sniper Rifle that is usually found in Air Drops, M24 is the second best gun you can find if you are looking for more damage. It used 7.62 ammo and causes total damage of 231 in a single headshot.
This is a more common gun that can be easily obtained via both types of Air drops and its ammo is easily available. A 6x or an 8x scope alongside a suppressor can help you take out many enemies without revealing your exact location. There are also other attachments available that can help you make your weapon more stable.
Kar 98 

This is one of the most commonly used Sniper Rifles in PUBG Mobile. Unlike the previous two Sniper Rifles, it is relatively easier to get your hands on Kar 98. This gun is present at all the prominent locations and can be found within a few minutes of through search. Kar 98 also used 7.62 ammo which is easy to find in any map.
Best paired with an 8x scope, Kar 98 can be used to cause damage of 198 with a headshot. It also uses Bullet Loop which decreases the reloading speed and increases the stability of the gun. This Sniper Rifle can also kill your enemies with a single headshot.

Not the most popular choice in the list of Sniper Rifles, SKS boasts of causing damage calculated at 150 with every headshot. Similar to Kar 98, SKS is not a rare weapon and can be easily found in the map, specially Pochinki.
SKS used 7.62 ammo and allows for attachments like Flash Hider and Suppressors to make it more efficient. Although it causes the least amount of damage with the headshot, it is the most stable Sniper Rifle one can use in the game.

One of the most popular guns in PUBG Mobile, AKM has been an absolute fan favorite since the very beginning. It is also the only Assault rifle that causes enough damage to be included in this list. AKM accounts for total damage of 126 with a single headshot.
It is very easy to find this gun in any map and supports a long list of types of equipment which can help you conceal your location while attacking. It uses 7.62 ammo which again is available in abundance. The major

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